What to do if:

I found this from the lovely people at choose recovery on tumblr. Please check them out.

Many people who struggle with self-harm don’t feel comfortable having their family and friends see their scars/burns. Sometimes, you’re not ready for the whole world to know, and that’s okay. If you self-harm, PLEASE tell someone you trust and get help. Remember that it’s okay if you aren’t ready for everyone to know, but you should tell someone when you’re ready. If you are not ready yet, here are a few things that I have heard/said when trying to make excuses for the scars:

Some serious/believable excuses for scars:
●I had an accident when I was very little. I don’t like to talk about it.
●It’s a skin discoloration (for scars that aren’t raised or pink/purple)
●I’ve had that forever. I honestly can’t remember.
●Biking accident.
●Please don’t ask.

Some serious/believable excuses for cuts:
●Cat scratched me.
●I scratched myself against a bush.
●I am not good at cutting vegetables.
●Biking accident.
●Please don’t ask.

Some serious/believable excuses for burns and miscellaneous injuries:
●I forgot the stove was on. As you can see, I am obviously not a skilled chef.
●I have no idea how that got there. I guess I just woke up with it.
●My curling/straightening iron is a killer.
●Please don’t ask.

Some silly/funny excuses for when you think people already know, but don’t want to talk about it:
●I had wild sex with a porcupine.
●Werewolf attack, the usual.
●Voldemort marked me. I am the chosen one.
●What are you talking about? There’s nothing there. Move along with your day, now.
●*Gasp* you can see it, too?
●The Hunger Games were really intense this year.
●I tried to be Steve Irwin and evidently couldn’t wrestle with a crocodile and a dingo simultaneously.

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