What to do if:

As I said in the disclaimer, this blog does not by any means promote self-harm of any kind. These posts are merely a tool to help you cope and get better. I found most of the information on choose recovery . Please check them out.

Home remedies to stop the bleeding:

If you don’t have a first aid kit, you could try the “egg” method. After rinsing and drying a deep wound, crack an egg, empty the egg into a cup, crack a corner of the shell enabling you to peel a strip of the skin inside the shell. Place this skin, unrinsed, onto the wound dabbing it gently with your fingertip so it will stick.
mem The egg skin will begin to dry immediately, pulling the cut together and will form a shell like Band-Aid that stays put. To remove simply wet the strip and it will slide off. This heals deep wounds without stitches. If you cannot stop the bleeding or do not have time to do the above method PLEASE GO TO YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY CARE/ROOM TO GET STITCHES.

Put pressure on the wound.

Aloe helps with wounds, it gives them a lesser scar and prevents infection

For an antibacterial ointment for a cut or wound, dab a little honey onto the area. Honey contains a natural antibiotic that has proved effective against organisms that cause infections.

Putting pepper in a wound can help slow the bleeding.

Running water will not only clean the wound, but help to stop the bleeding. Run cold water over the cut to constrict the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Doing the same with hot water will cauterize the cut, allowing the blood to clot. Don’t use both hot and cold water – just one or the other should do the trick. You can use an ice cube instead of cold water to close off the arteries. Hold the ice to the cut for a few seconds until the wound closes up and stops bleeding. If you have multiple small cuts on your body, taking a hot shower will clean off all the blood and cauterize the multiple gashes.

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