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Natural Anti-Depressants

A few things you can use/do if you’re in one of those low-spells of your depression, or if you’re just feeling down. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) –>An herb that is commonly used to lessen the intensity of the conditions … Continue reading

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One Year Self Harm Free

One Year Self Harm Free. by WordPress user diminishthestigma.

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Pick-Me-Up Playlist: Brittany’s picks

I’ve been posting some heavy, serious stuff lately. So, I thought I would take things towards a happier note. If you’re ever feeling down, these songs are the perfect thing to help you push forward. They were chosen either for … Continue reading

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Discover A Recovery: My Story

March 1st is self-injury awareness day. Hopefully more and more people will start caring about this issue, and realizing that it is a form of a mental illness and addiction. Judge less. Understand more. I think the best thing to … Continue reading

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Dealing With Relapse: Advice From My Experiences

I made a previous post where I asked my friend Spencer to give her advice on how she deals with relapse. She gave really great advice, and hopefully it helped someone. Here’s my take on my own experiences with relapse, … Continue reading

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Relapse: Spencer’s advice

“When I would relapse, I always needed a lot of help getting out of it. It’s like you get into these locked-on states again and need to basically be forced out of them. If I do relapse, or feel like … Continue reading

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Inspiring Quotes

These quotes have really helped me through difficult times, and I used to think back to these when I was on my road to recovery. (all graphics made by me, except for the last one). Feel free to use these … Continue reading

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Discover A Recovery: Spencer’s Story

This blog was created to help those better deal with issues plaguing them and to achieve an overall better state of mind. What better way to do that than to share stories? The hardest part of overcoming obstacles is thinking … Continue reading

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