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Living For Yourself: Why It’s OK to be Selfish

As I’ve struggled with self-harm for many years,  I’ve realized that when I have relapsed, it was because I had no one to go to (for the most part).  I didn’t have anyone to talk me out of it, distract … Continue reading

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Natural Anti-Depressants

A few things you can use/do if you’re in one of those low-spells of your depression, or if you’re just feeling down. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) –>An herb that is commonly used to lessen the intensity of the conditions … Continue reading

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Recovery Record A smart companion for managing your journey to recovery from eating disorders . With Recovery Record you can: – Keep a record of meals, thoughts and feelings – Access beautiful reflection images and affirmations– Customize log questions, meal plans, … Continue reading

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Dealing With Relapse: Advice From My Experiences

I made a previous post where I asked my friend Spencer to give her advice on how she deals with relapse. She gave really great advice, and hopefully it helped someone. Here’s my take on my own experiences with relapse, … Continue reading

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How to help a friend who self-injures Great advice for anyone who is dealing with self-injury and relapse. This was very useful to me personally when I relapsed!

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Discover A Recovery: Spencer’s Story

This blog was created to help those better deal with issues plaguing them and to achieve an overall better state of mind. What better way to do that than to share stories? The hardest part of overcoming obstacles is thinking … Continue reading

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Disney’s “Frozen” Saved My Life

I told my friend Kaylee about this blog that I created for my COMM 347 class, and she actually asked me if she could share her story of her struggles with depression and self-harm. I knew most of her back-story … Continue reading

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What to do if:

I found this from the lovely people at choose recovery on tumblr. Please check them out. Many people who struggle with self-harm don’t feel comfortable having their family and friends see their scars/burns. Sometimes, you’re not ready for the whole … Continue reading

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