Pick-Me-Up Playlist: Brittany’s picks

I’ve been posting some heavy, serious stuff lately. So, I thought I would take things towards a happier note. If you’re ever feeling down, these songs are the perfect thing to help you push forward. They were chosen either for their motivating lyrics or positive beat. I just did a quick shuffle on my iPod, so there’s a lot more than what I’ll be listing.  If you want a part II, leave suggestions in the comments! Sorry there’s nothing from this generation on here.  Enjoy!

  1. Blue Skies–  Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye
  2. Keep Your Head Up-Andy Grammer
  3. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger– Kelly Clarkson
  4. Fighter– Christina Aguilera–> THIS THIS AND THIS!!!
  5. Walking on Sunshine– Katrina & the Waves
  6. Stronger– Britney Spears.
  7. Any Beyonce song. Seriously.
  8. Let It Be– The Beatles
  9. Reach – S Club 7
  10. Makes Me Happy– Drake Bell
  11. So Small– Carrie Underwood
  12. Survivor– Destiny’s Child
  13. Gives You Hell– All American Rejects
  14. Build Me Up Buttercup– The Foundations (I don’t know what it is about this song that makes everyone happy, but I’m not complaining!)
  15. Let It Go– Idina Menzel (I JUST HAD TO, SORRY)
  16. Something About The Sunshine– Anna Margret
  17. Pompeii– Bastille
  18. I’ll Be There For You– The Rembrandts aka the Friends theme song. –> On that note, any TV theme from the 90s  are usually really chipper. (Full House, Step by Step, 7th Heaven, Family Matters, S Club 7) –> I really recommend you listen to the SClub one.
  19. Don’t Stop Believing– Journey (so over-used and cliched that I had to include it)
  20. Who’s Laughing Now– Jesse J (looking back on those bullies who used to bother you)
  21. Best Day of My Life– American Authors

Like I said earlier, feel free to leave suggestions for more empowering songs in the comments. I plan on making a follow up to this, which will be songs that you can blast when you’re angry and you’re in a “screw the world” mood. It helps get those emotions out.

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2 Responses to Pick-Me-Up Playlist: Brittany’s picks

  1. Shawnna Burt says:

    “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor
    “One Way or Another” Blondie
    “Eye of the Tiger” Survivor
    “What a Feeling” Flashdance
    “Fuel” Metallica

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