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Misconception about self-harm: #1

#1: Everyone who self-harms is suicidal. People often associate self harm with attempted suicide, or a suicidal state-of-mind, however this is rarely the case. People suffering emotional distress may feel suicidal, but turning to self- harm is a coping mechanism … Continue reading

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Living For Yourself: Why It’s OK to be Selfish

As I’ve struggled with self-harm for many years,  I’ve realized that when I have relapsed, it was because I had no one to go to (for the most part).  I didn’t have anyone to talk me out of it, distract … Continue reading

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When A Loved One Self-Harms

Em shares her story and gives an outside perspective on what it’s like to watch a loved one struggle with self-harm. *** How did you learn about your friend’s self-harming habits? Em: “He told me. I was 14 at the … Continue reading

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End Mental Health Stigma

  Depression: “Get over it. You’re just sad and other people have it worse than you.” *** PTSD:  “What happened probably wasn’t that bad. Get over it.” *** OCD: “Stop being so picky.”     Some people can’t just “get … Continue reading

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Natural Anti-Depressants

A few things you can use/do if you’re in one of those low-spells of your depression, or if you’re just feeling down. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) –>An herb that is commonly used to lessen the intensity of the conditions … Continue reading

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One Year Self Harm Free

One Year Self Harm Free. by WordPress user diminishthestigma.

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How To Hide Your Cuts

For those who are put in a situation where they are not ready for anyone to see/know about their self-harming habits, here are a few ways to hide the cuts/burns.  As a companion to this post, please check out my … Continue reading

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Pick-Me-Up Playlist: Brittany’s picks

I’ve been posting some heavy, serious stuff lately. So, I thought I would take things towards a happier note. If you’re ever feeling down, these songs are the perfect thing to help you push forward. They were chosen either for … Continue reading

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