It Gets Better: Says a 17-Year-Old Me

Going through old files on my computer, I found this video from almost three years ago (I was a senior in high school) and I made a vlog about suicide awareness. I’m kind of incoherent with despair (I guess that’s the best way to describe it). I get choked up a lot and I sound odd. I would like to re-do this video and make it a little more coherent.

Although it is old and I ramble a little bit, but the point is relevant.

*Note: to give you a timeline for this, this video was two weeks before I learned about my mom’s cancer diagnosis. So clearly, things did not get better at that time, but they are looking up now. I still stand by what I said: there’s always hope. Things are always shitty as a teenager, but like Kaylee said, those years are just a sliver of time in your life. You have so many more years ahead of you to do great things, and for you to shake the negative people out of your life.

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